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Bas Mesters

Bas MestersBas Mesters has been a correspondent in Rome for Dutch public radio and the daily newspaper NRC Handelsblad for 8 years. He is the initiator of One11.

"Working and living in Italy for eight years now, I’ve learned there’s more to the country than the stereotypes about corruption, mafia and Berlusconi’s government that threaten to destroy Italy’s institutions. Nevertheless I write mainly about these issues. At the same time, while travelling around Italy, I saw a lot of people who are trying to stop the demolition of their country. Often they take action out of the glare of publicity, hidden behind the scenes in difficult neighbourhoods, sometimes quitting their well-paid jobs to pursue their cause. As was the case with Lorella Zanardo, whom I portrayed for One11. Some even risk their lives, like the writer Roberto Saviano, who fights the mafia. These builders inspired me to create One11."

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Bas Mesters is working for: NOS / NRC Handelsblad

Lorella Zanardo

Lorella Zanardo

Girls on Italian TV: All but naked hanging from a meat hook. Lorella Zanardo loves women - but not like Silvio Berlusconi. She wants to stop their humiliation on TV.