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Diederik van Hoogstraten

Diederik van HoogstratenDiederik van Hoogstraten lives in New York, where he writes for the Volkskrant, Elsevier and other Dutch publications. His memoir De rennende Hollander (The Running Dutchman) was published in 2010. Photo: Trevor Butterworth.

“In 2004 I met Irshad Manji in Toronto, a young Canadian Muslim who also happened to be gay. She had just published her controversial book, The Trouble with Islam Today. Irshad’s mission is to reform Islam from within. Call it radical -- she, for one, does not like the term “moderate”. Or call it ambitious -- Irshad intends to pull her faith into the 21st century. That goal has lead to fatwas and endless threats as she now lives, teaches, speaks and writes in New York. Yes she remains herself, positive and optinistic. Irshad is helping young Muslims around the world. She builds, with a healthy dose of doubt, but without fear. She embodies courage, which is why she came to mind when I decided to joine One11; it's all about people being looking forward and daring to dream big. No naive good-news stories, but serious portaits of people doing good, even --especially-- when no one is watching."

Diederik van Hoogstraten is working for: de Volkskrant / Elsevier

Irshad Manji

Irshad Manji

A big heart, a sharp mind, a loud mouth and uncovered hair: the Muslim intellectual in New York inspires readers everywhere.