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Yolanda Bobeldijk

Yolanda BobeldijkSince October 2008 Yolanda Bobeldijk (1985) is UK & Ireland correspondent at the Netherlands Press Association (GPD)in London.

“One11 is a great initiative as it creates the opportunity to extensively portray inspiring people who are often missed out in regular day to day news stories. Derek Derenalagi is such a person. While on duty in Afghanistan, Derek lost both his legs when his vehicle hit a road side bomb. He will be disabled for the rest of his life. Despite the accident he has a very positive outlook on life. His wife’s support and his Christian faith also help him. Derek’s currently training to take part in the 2012 Paralympics in London. Derek wants to show that life doesn’t stop when you are - or suddenly become, disabled. In this world, where bad news often dominates, it’s very important to give attention to positive, inspiring stories like this."

Yolanda Bobeldijk is working for: GPD

Derek Derenalagi

Derek Derenalagi

Despite losing his legs in Afghanistan, former soldier Derek Derenalagi is determined to make a difference. He hopes his quest for sporting gold will inspire all who struggle with life.