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Petra de Koning

Petra de KoningPetra de Koning is Brussels correspondent for Dutch daily NRC Handelsblad where she earlier worked as a general reporter and political editor. She has completed a Liberal Arts degree and post graduate studies in journalism in Rotterdam.

"I don’t see One11 as being about “good news”. The site presents stories about people who refuse to give up. Belgian priest Rik Devillé would much rather be writing poetry, but he’s had very little time for creativity over the past 20 years. He listens to victims of sexual abuse and tries to convince others in his church to do the same.”

Petra de Koning is working for: NRC Handelsblad

Rik Devillé

Rik Devillé

While the Catholic Church hierarchy in Belgium looked away, one former priest opened his ears and his heart to sexual abuse victims.