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Kees Broere

Kees BroereKees Broere (1958) is Africa correspondent for newspaper de Volkskrant and Dutch national television. He’s based in the Kenyan capital Nairobi. He worked in South Asia and Latin America before moving to Africa in 1998.

"We journalists will again be doing our best in 2011 to inform the public about all the urgent events and developments in our wondrous world. And chances are that once again we won’t find the time to pay any attention to those unsung heroes who are, in fact, the silent power behind society. That’s why I wanted to begin my New Year turning the spotlight on one unique individual.”

Kees Broere is working for: de Volkskrant / NOS

Charles Njau

Charles Njau

Charles is focused on lifting his family out of the lower middle-class. Like millions of other Africans, his life is anonymous but indispensable.