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Steven Adolf

Steven AdolfSteven Adolf is a freelance correspondent and economic journalist living in Spain. He has written books about Spain and Morocco. 2009 saw the publication of Reuzentonijn, his book about the decline of the blue fin tuna in the Mediterranean Sea.

“I’ve been following Baltasar Garzón closely for years and I think he’s an exceptional man. Too often the victims of terrible events are forgotten and no-one is ever tried for the injustices done to them. Sadly that’s especially true of crimes against humanity which are particularly sensitive for social or political reasons and which everyone would prefer just to forget about.

Garzón has made it his life’s work to try and prosecute these sorts of cases. He has given millions of people around the world hope of justice. His work demands courage and perseverance, combined with something I call – for want of a better term - a sense of public responsibility. It demands sacrifices for a wider community that take precedence over personal interest. Sometimes it even means working against your own interests, and living with the uncomfortable feeling that you’re being dismissed as a hypocritical show-off, rather than someone who is trying to do good. Someone dedicating himself to others? Something very wrong there!

That’s one of the things that most attracts me to the One11 project: you can show that this sense of public responsibility does exist, that it takes all kinds of different forms and that it does make a difference – despite all the difficulties. That’s a great message to take into a new year.”

Steven Adolf is working for: de Volkskrant / Elsevier / de Standaard / VRT

Baltasar Garzón

Baltasar Garzón

After years of fighting terror all over the world, 'Super Judge' Baltasar Garzon has become a target of terror himself.