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Koert Lindijer

Koert LindijerIn 1973 when I was twenty I began my long journey through Africa. Ten years later I became a correspondent. My travels have not ended yet. Traveling is what ultimately makes me happy. Nothing feels better than not knowing where I'll be sleeping the next night.And nothing is more satisfying than finding a place to stay overnight with Aricans. Africa is a continent overflowing with humanity, enough to keep me going for years yet.

Africa is about people. Politically it's often cynical and childish, Africa's real power lies with its people. Many Africans have the courage to press for change despite the fragility of their living situations. These are  the people I want to portray. One11 gives me the chance.

Koert Lindijer is working for: NRC Handelsblad

Godfrey Bulla

Godfrey Bulla

He saw the headless body of his dead uncle and looked lions in the eye. But Godfrey Bulla kept on searching for education, and found it.