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Remko Tanis

Remko TanisRemko Tanis has worked as a correspondent in China since 2008 for various Dutch newspapers and broadcasters.

"From my office on the 23rd floor I look out on one of Shanghai’s central districts. Seven new skyscrapers have appeared in the past 3 years and number eight and nine are under construction. They’re a daily reminder of the speed and determination with which China is positioning itself as a global power.

What’s happening in this neighbourhood is happening throughout the country. And as dramatically as the landscape is being changed by asphalt and concrete, 1.3 billion flesh and blood Chinese are struggling with turbulent social changes. The transformation of their country offers new chances but also brings new problems.

The people I have pictured for One11 refuse to stand on the sidelines. They have the courage to challenge a still old-style authoritarian government. The courage to offer, sometimes literally, a helping hand to those who are in danger of going under in this brave new world. In an increasingly dog-eat-dog society they act for others. They undertake work that – in a healthy nation – would be the responsibility of government and civil society but which in China too often goes undone.”

Remko Tanis is working for: GPD / RTL

Chen Si

Chen Si

Every two minutes someone in China commits suicide. Patrolling the Nanjing bridge on his scooter, Chen Si tries to rescue those who want to jump.

Lu Jianfu

Lu Jianfu

Lu Jianfu uses his camera to fight abuse of power by Chinese officials. He meets anger and aggression - but also success.