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Elske Schouten

Elske SchoutenElske Schouten is South East Asia correspondent for Dutch radio and dailies NRC Handelsblad and nrc next. From her base in the Indonesian capital Jakarta, she tries to answer the question: what do economic growth, political upheaval and religious tension mean to ordinary men and women. Elske studied journalism and molecular biology before starting out as a reporter for NRC Handelsblad’s economic desk.

"Sometimes you finish an interview and you think, wow, what an impressive person! Courageous, inspiring, altruistic. They’re doing something really important. But there’s not really a place in the daily news round for random do-gooders! That’s why I grabbed the chance to write about my heroes for One11. It’s a beautiful idea: creating an inspiring gift together with dozens of your colleagues from all sections of the media. I had to be part of it."

Elske Schouten is working for: NRC Handelsblad / / Dichtbij Nederland - NTR



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