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David Jan Godfroid

David Jan GodfroidDavid Jan Godfroid has been working as a correspondent in the Balkans and Moscow since 1999. Three years ago he started reporting from Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, to cover ten countries in Southeastern Europe for the Dutch Broadcasting Company (NOS).

"I initially decided to participate with One11 because they asked me to. I thought the idea was nice, nothing more or less. Throughout the process my enthusiasm grew, especially when the idea of portraying Xhabir Derala came to mind. We like to think people from the Balkans are bloodthirsty savages, but the world outside the Balkans should see the honest, combative, beautiful people living in the Balkans. Xhabir is one of those. A friend for life, someone who shows that ‘other’ face of the Balkan more than anyone else. One11 gives the opportunity to zoom in on him. The Balkans are my big love: the area of the grand gesture, deep-seated hatred and heartwarming love. If I had to choose a place to die, it would be here.”

David Jan Godfroid is working for: NOS

Xhabir Derala

Xhabir Derala

Corrupt and divided along ethnic lines, Macedonia is a tiny land with huge problems. But Xabir Derala is a symbol of the region's promise.