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Robert-Jan Friele

Robert-Jan FrieleRobert-Jan Friele (1978) studied journalism at Groningen University and after 10 years writing for various Dutch newspapers, moved to Buenos Aires in 2008 to cover Latin-America for the Netherlands Press Association; he’s been based in Bogotá since May 2010.

“As a journalist, my job is to see the world through a critical lens. Doing that, sometimes you forget that stories have another side as well. One11 forces us to look for that side: to show what’s wrong by describing the situation through the eyes of a person who tries to change it. It’s not just about being positive, but showing that a critical attitude does not always imply a negative story.”

Twitter: @Elfriel.

Robert-Jan Friele is working for: GPD / Radio 1 / Het Financieele Dagblad



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